Sunday, January 24, 2016

Singapore, Hong Kong, and Guilin

After I finished work in India, a friend and I traveled through Southeast Asia for some rest and sightseeing. We were able to cover a lot of ground in a short time, visiting Singapore, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand in just over a month. This first set of photos is from Singapore, Hong Kong and Guilin. Landing in Singapore, a city known for being so clean that you can get arrested for spitting, was quite a shock after 13 months in Delhi, where trash piles line the streets. I was also happy to make it to Guilin, a city in Guangxi province famous for it's unique limestone mountains (called karsts). You could spend a lifetime spending any one of these places, but here's what I was able to capture during my short visits. 

To the Top
Shoppers take the escalator in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands mall.

Gardens by the Bay
Singapore's surreal Gardens by the Bay park feels like something out of a Doctor Suess book.

Hong Kong Subway
That moment when you realize you're being photographed...

Hong Kong Subway 2
On the Hong Kong subway

Peaking Over the Peak
A man reaches over the crowd for a shot of downtown Hong Kong. Taken at the viewing platform at Victoria's Peak.

Reed Flute Caves
Guilin's Reed Flute Caves are an enormous cave complex made even more astounding by the psychedelic lighting.

20 Yuan View
This river bend in Xingping, Guangxi appears on the back of the 20 yuan note.

Beatiful limestone karsts in Xingping, Guangxi.

Top of the Karst
One of the karsts in Xingping has a trail leading to the top, rewarding those who climb it with a magnificent view of the surrounding area.

Karst Forest
A forest of karts in Xingping, Gaungxi.

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