Monday, September 8, 2014

Not Just Gothic: The Glassy Side of the University of Chicago Campus

The University of Chicago is known for its ivy-lined buildings and gothic architecture, but next to the University's iconic quads lies an expanse of glassy modern buildings. From the University of Chicago hospital to Manuseto library, the newly-developed areas surrounding the quads stand in stark contrast to the center of campus. These photos portray the lesser-seen side of the University of Chicago campus, where glass and steel replace ivy and gargoyles. Enjoy!


Blue Gate
Center for Care and Discovery
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Monday, August 18, 2014


Night Riders
Paris, France

Street View
Paris, France

Street View 2
Paris, France

Parisian Cycler
Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris, France

Notre Dame Catheral in Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris, France

Town Center
Guaorec, France

The mouth of the river near Mont Saint Michelle, France.

Castle in the Sky
Mont Saint Michelle, France

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Winter and Sping

I've been a bit behind posting photos because I've been busy working on my senior thesis all year. That's done now, so here is are a bunch from the last six months all together. More to come soon!

Icy Point
Hyde Park's Promontory Point frozen over during the depths of winter.

Whiteout on the Quads
The University of Chicago Quadrangles plastered with snow after a storm this winter.

Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

Sea of Flowers
Wildflowers on the coast in Half Moon Bay, California.

Yellow Friend
A banana slug on the floor of a redwood forest near Half Moon Bay, California

Redwood Floor
The floor of a redwood forest near Half Moon Bay, California.

Bond Long Exposure
A one minute exposure of Bond Chapel on the University of Chicago campus. Used a piece of welding glass as an ND filter, which worked surprisingly well.

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